The only time that modern pop music and Irish farmers have intersected was probably when Rihanna filmed her video for 'We Found Love' in Northern Ireland, finding the wrath of a farmer outraged that she was so scantily-clad while in his field.

A farmer in Frederick, Maryland, however, is such a big fan of Taylor Swift that he cut a huge image of her face into his cornfield to form a maze at Summers Farm.

The Guardian reports that Jeff Greenwood and his wife choose a new topical corn maze every year, and past designs have included figures from politics and sport.

This year's, however, is one of Taylor Swift holding a microphone with the words 'Dare to be Different'.

"We just felt that she’s a true, real person, and an amazing role model for everybody in how she treats people and just how she carries herself,"  said Greenwood.

See the picture and video of the maze below: