Antony Burgess, like the best writers, was also a keen musician [he wrote a symphony later in life] and he conducted the pace of his prose as one would a piece of music. Stanley Kubrick, on the other hand, was the cinematic equivalent, rolling out his scenes to an inexcticable internal and audible soundtrack. Unsurprisingly, then, the soundtrack to A Clockwork Orange was always going to be important, and was always going to address the concerns of the film. Bizarre and other-worldly at times, and at times coldly dysfunctional, this soundtrack, despite it's heavy classical content, seems strangely retro now. The soundtrack, like the novel, and to a lesser extent the film, is both timeless and of another time. One of the definitive movie soundtracks, it should be in the collection. Don't reach for it at your next dinner party though.