All that holding out for a hero that you've been doing is about to pay off big time.

Bonnie Tyler, the undisputed queen of the power ballad, has confirmed this morning that she will take centre stage at the Electric Ireland Power House stage at Electric Picnic. The Welsh singer enjoyed a string of hits spanning three decades and her songs 'Holding Out For a Hero' and 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' are genre classics which have popped up in many a movie montage over the years and speaking to, she said she's just itching to give these songs their Electric Picnic debut.

"I still love to do the old songs. I know some people don’t. I do have a new album out called ‘Rocks and Honey’ and I’ll be doing three songs from that but the rest will be the ones that I’m sure everybody is looking forward to – all the hits", Tyler said, before reassuring us that these songs - some more than 30 years old - have maintained their potency.

"You have to feel it; you have to feel the passion", she continues. "You have to feel that, it’s got to be in you. I’ve been singing since I was 16 because I love it – I wanted to be a singer, not a star. There’s a difference between wanting to be famous and wanting to sing well. I still really enjoy It and I’m so looking forward to coming to Ireland."

Tyler was last on our TV screens when she represented the UK in last year's Eurovision Song Contest. Despite not winning (or even coming close, to tell the truth), she maintains that the experience alone was worth the journey there.

"I have to tell you, I had a ball over there. I was asked to do it in 1983 and I said ‘no’ I had just put ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ out but this time I had just put an album out and thought it could be great exposure.

"Neither Ireland nor the UK could have won it, we’ve only got each other to vote for! It’s not about the singing or the songs any any more; it’s about politics and it should be more about the music."

In addition to Bonnie Tyler 80s tribute whiz kids Spring Break have also been announced this morning, ensuring a distinctively 80's vibe at the Electric Ireland Power House stage.

Ankle warmers at the ready.

Bonnie Tyler plays the Electric Ireland Power House stage at Electric Picnic on Saturday 30th August.