If you, like many, are a fan of '80s pop music, you'll be delighted with the below news.

Norwegian band A-ha - the men responsible for the classic 'Take On Me' - have gotten back together to record a new album, thirty years after their debut was released.

In fairness, it hasn't been that long since the trio last played together; they split after their first reunion ended in a world tour in 2010, and have been pursuing solo projects since.

They got back together for a two-year reunion this year, and new album 'Cast in Steel' is out this Friday. They'll be touring it in 2016 - but there's no Dublin date announced as yet.

Lead singer Morten Harket told Reuters: "It's incredible how quickly you fall back into where you left off. One of the good things about being away is to digest things and maybe learn from things and see if there are better ways to get to where you want to be."