Oh dear, Fiddy. Who looks like a silly boy now?

50 Cent was forced to admit that all of the outlandish pictures that he's been posting of himself, surrounded by piles of cash over the last year, have been fake.

The rapper filed for bankruptcy last year, but confusingly began posting pictures of huge wads of money - in his fridge, in his bins and one even spelling out the word 'BROKE' - on Instagram.

A judge ordered him to appear before bankruptcy court in the US to explain the photos, and he admitted that they weren't real - although he now has to prove that they weren't real, instead of just a convenient excuse.

At the same time, it's understood that 50 Cent is still far from 'broke', despite his bankruptcy claim. The Daily Mail reported via court papers earlier his year that he had  $64 million in assets with liabilities totaling more than $36 million - and that's not including his various stocks and shares and his earnings from his various companies.

Still, what's a bored rapper gonna do on a rainy Tuesday except mess around with 'fake' stacks of cash?


Via Uproxx