Whoah – what a weekend! The scorching hot tents, the daily pilgrimage from your campsite to the main arena, the random besties you made from Cavan and, of course, the many incredible acts that took to the stage over the weekend at Electric Picnic.

We can’t quite believe it’s all over. It’s time to go back to the real world.

But before we mentally prepare ourselves to return to civilisation, let’s recap and check out the top 5 things you may have missed at this year's Electric Picnic.

Who knows? You may have missed out on these special moments while you were sipping on lukewarm cans singing Wonderwall in the Jimi Hendrix campsite with Hailey and Sam from Cavan.

1. Versatile

If you were eagerly waiting at the Main Stage for Compton’s Kendrick Lamar, you might have missed Dublin’s hip hop superstars Versatile who took the Electric Arena stage Friday night shortly before Kendrick’s performance.

No one was prepared for the epic-ness of their 45-minute set. The duo -made up of Eskimo Supreme and Casper Walsh, absolutely owned the stage and commanded the attention of their huge audience. Their performance in front of 12,000 fans has cemented them at the forefront of Ireland’s rapidly growing hip hop scene. Some would argue that it was the performance of the weekend and outshone Kendrick Lamar.


2. Mavis Staples & Hozier

While many were still groggy from Friday night, they were missing the legend that is Mavis Staples take the main stage on Saturday afternoon. The gospel queen offered a welcome soul-filled performance, perfect for soothing the tired souls of the audience. There were rumours beforehand that Hozier was making a surprise appearance on stage with Mavis, and luckily the rumours proved true! Hozier joined Staples for a goose-bump inducing duet of the iconic hit The Weight. This surprise duet followed the announcement of Hozier’s new EP Nina Cried Power, which will be released on September the 6th.


3. Sigrid’s Surprise Performance

Norwegian pop sensation Sigrid pleasantly surprised festival-goers Saturday afternoon, when she took to the “altar” at the Other Voice’s intimate bespoke church. Sigrid, who was due to perform 90 minutes later at the Electric Arena, drove some audience members to tears, as she sang paired-back renditions of her hits Don’t Kill My Vibe, Strangers and Raw. The performance was definitely a special moment for many over the weekend.


4. The All-Ireland final

"D’ye know where to watch the All-Ireland?" This was the question on every GAA jersey clad reveller’s lips on Sunday afternoon. Amidst amazing performances, some of the best food in Ireland and the hundreds of amazing spectacles to behold - all Dublin & Tyrone fans cared about at 3.30pm on Sunday was watching the all-important football final. Not many knew, but the match was screened at The Puball Gaelige stage in the Mind Field area, and it’s safe to say the atmosphere was electric – unless you were a Tyrone fan that is. Commiserations lads, we hope it didn’t dampen the rest of your weekend too much!

5. Anachronica

If you headed back to your campsite after a long day of enjoying the Picnic, you probably missed Anachronica (aka ''The Rave in the Woods''). The mesmerising beat in the forest entertained Picnickers until the early hours of the morning, when the lights have dimmed on the Main Arena. Anachronica was designed by The Inevitable Salvagers and took the shape of an abandoned, forgotten world concealed among the trees. With an impressive line-up of world-renowned homegrown DJs such as Subject, New Jackson and DeFeKT, it was an experience worth forgoing a good night’s sleep for!


Tickets for Electric Picnic 2019 are going on sale Friday the 7th of September at 9 am.