2020 is drawing to a close (thankfully, you might argue), but a steady stream of great new Irish is still coming thick and fast.

This month, we've chosen five great new songs from the indie, hip-hop and contemporary classical worlds for you to enjoy and investigate, if you like what you hear.

Here are 5 new Irish tracks that you need to check out this month...


The Limerick-based star of the Irish hip-hop scene has just released her excellent debut mixtape 'Go Bravely', and this is undoubtedly one of its best tracks. A song that bubbles with a vague dancehall vibe and a sinister salsa undercurrent, Chaila challenges preconceived notions of sexism and gender as she refers to herself as 'the black James Bond' and says she's 'not a queen, I'm a Pharoah'. Top-class clever worldplay and a crazy sense of style.


PADDY HANNA – 'Sinatra'

He's a member of the brilliant Autre Monde, who released their impressive debut album earlier this year – but Paddy Hanna is also an excellent solo musician in his own right. The Dubliner's third album 'The Hill' is out on October 16th, and this recent single is a primer for the distinctive offbeat, skewed indiepop that Hanna excels at.


BK Pepper – 'Colours'

If you like piano-based composers/artists that use electronics in their work - like Olaf Arnauds and Nils Frahm, for example – you'll like BK Pepper. The Dublin-based minimalist contemporary classical composer releases his debut album next month – and if it's anything like his first single 'Colours', it sounds like it could be the soothing aural balm we need after this rubbish year.


SINEAD O'CONNOR – 'Trouble of the World'

It's been quite a while – five years, in fact – since we've heard new material from Sinead O'Connor. This track, a new interpretation of the song made famous by gospel icon Mahalia Jackson, is seriously evocative and haunting stuff that brilliantly showcases the firepower of O'Connor's still-magnificent voice. Even better, all profits from the song go to Black Lives Matters charities. Very sound.


OLIVER COLE – 'You Were the Right Turn'

You might remember Oliver (FKA Ollie) Cole as frontman of much-loved indie band Turn, who released their final (and eponymous) album in 2005. Since then, Cole has been plugging away as a solo artist, releasing 'We Albatri' in 2010 and 'Year of the Bird' in 2015. Given those intervals, it's only right that his third solo album arrives in 2020. 'Father Brother Son' is out at the end of October, and this toe-tappy country-folk-pop tune sets it up very nicely indeed.