You Bet Your Life

2005 Drama | Suspense/Thriller | Documentary

Dice dictate the fate of a gambler willing to skirt society's conventions and relegate his fate to chance in this addiction drama from director Antonin Svoboda. Kurt's (Georg Friedrich) life is controlled by money. A manipulative hustler whose constant scheming is wearing thin on girlfriend Manu (Gerti Drassl), Kurt has an epiphany while viewing a television documentary on the life of classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Upon learning of the legendary pianist's unusual method of composing music by the roll of dice, Kurt immediately vows to put his fate in his own hands by making every decision in his life in exactly the same manner. Though at first the unusual method seems to pay off, resulting in numerous job offers and steering him into the company of beautiful drug addict Tanja (Birgit Minichmayr), the dice soon lead him into a life-threatening downward spiral.~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide