What Planet Are You From?

2000 Drama | Romance | Comedy | SciFi/Fantasy

The year is 2999. Four solar systems and three generations away from Earth lies a highly evolved world populated by what appears to be male life forms. When one of them, Harold, is sent to Earth on a mission to impregnate a woman and have a child, he quickly learns that traveling halfway across the universe was the easy part. Upon his arrival to Earth, Harold befriends Perry Gordon, a horny, morally challenged specimen of the human male, and together they scope Phoenix for women. To Harold, however, female Earthlings prove to be an immensely diverse and complicated species. On the prowl for the ideal woman with whom he can mate, the alien encounters a wide spectrum of potential candidates: a charming, almost frigid stewardess, a topless waitress, Perry's sexually aggressive wife, Helen, and finally, Susan, a recovering alcoholic who's about to embark on a new life. As Harold tries his inept hand at dating, he falls victim to the courting and mating anxieties that plague all Earthlings. Neither the leader of his planet nor an Earth simulator could have prepared him for the challenges he would face in his pursuit of a consenting female human-especially Roland Jones, a high-strung FAA agent who's hot on Harold's tail. It soon becomes clear in this bawdy comedy of errors that no matter what race, religion or planet of origin, men will always be men.