2021 Suspense/Thriller | SciFi/Fantasy

With the future of the human race in danger, a group of young men and women, bred for enhanced intelligence and to suppress emotional impulses, embark on an expedition to colonize a distant planet. But when they uncover disturbing secrets about the mission, they defy their training and begin to explore their most primitive natures. As life on the ship descends into chaos, they're consumed by fear, lust, and the hunger for power. VOYAGERS is a euphoric thriller about the explosive awakening of our most primal desires.

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by Deirdre Molumby
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'Voyagers' is basically 'Lord of the Flies' in space

When life on earth becomes no longer sustainable, scientists search for a planet that can support human life. In the year 2063, they find such a planet, but the journey there will take 80 years. Thus they fill a ship with young people who will repopulate on board with the onus being on their grandchildren to complete the mission. The youths on board are led by grown-up Richard (Colin Farrell), but Chris (Tye Sheridan) and Zach (Fionn Whitehead) are among those who start to rebel. As the other passengers follow suit, chaos erupts across the ship.

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