The Wind Blows Round

2006 Drama

Compelled to relocate after their home in the Pyrenees became host to a nuclear power plant, a French cheese maker, his wife, and their three children move to a remote village in Northern Italy in director Giorgio Diritti's culture clash comedy drama. Deep in the mountains of Northern Italy lies a sleepy village called Chersogno. The citizens of Chersogno still speak Occitan, and little has changed there over the past century; the dying village mostly sustained by the flocks of summer tourists seeking a brief respite from the big city. When Philippe and his family first arrive in Chersogno, the citizens of the small hamlet are very suspicious. Nevertheless, the townspeople hoped that the new arrivals might reinvigorate Chersogno's failing economy. All the family wanted was a peaceful place where they could herd their sheep and make their cheese, but before long tensions are simmering and the town quickly starts to turn on them. As things go from bad to worse, even the well-intending village elder proves unable to restore the peace.~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide