The Tokyo Siblings

1995 Drama

Jun Ichikawa spins this family drama reminiscent of the works of Yasujiro Ozu. The film centers on a brother and sister who live in their family's traditional Japanese house long after both of their parents have died. Kenichi (Naoto Ogata), who is in his twenties, works in a used bookstore while his sister, Yoko (Urara Awata), who has just finished up high school, dutifully takes care of the house. Since his parents are dead, Kenichi is serious about looking after his underaged sister. He even spurns his girlfriend -- another clerk at the same bookstore -- because she wants to get married before Yoko comes of age. On Yoko's end, she longs to break out and be free. One day, she brings home a bumptious freelance photographer (Toru Tezuka) whose crude ways do not impress the conservative Kenichi. In spite of this -- of perhaps because of this -- Yoko beds him and soon is spending more and more time with the lad. With his orderly life coming apart at the seams, will Kenichi be able to get his sister back? ~ Jonathan Crow, All Movie Guide

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