The Miracle of the Birds

2012 Comedy

Sabô (Giselle Itié) marries Lindolfo Ezequiel (José Dumont) in exchange for the life of his brother, who was sworn to death by the captain. The brunette is known as the most desired woman in the region and her husband is reputed to be a killer. One day, Ubaldo Capadócio (Fernando Pavão) arrives in the city of Cachoeira, in Bahia, and takes away hearts. The poet is a handsome man, has nine children and is married to three women: Rosecler (Aline Nepomuceno), Romilda (Luciana Fernandes) and Valdelice (Cristiana Ferreira). Rosecler is the most fiery and spendthrift, Romilda abandoned her butcher husband for Ubaldo and Valdelice is the most daring. In Cachoeira, Ubaldo sees Sabô and is attracted by so much beauty. The captain's wife surrenders to the poet's charms, but they are caught by Lindolfo Ezequiel. Then begins the saga of Ubaldo to escape death. That's where the miracle of birds happens.