The Legions

2019 Drama | War | Romance

'Legiony' - A universal story about friendship, dreams, growing up and entering adulthood in difficult times. The great history is the background for the love story unfolding in the foreground: Jozek, a deserter from the tsarists army who joins the emerging Legions, an intelligence agent for the I Brigade and Women's Leage member - Ola, and Tadek, her fiancee, a member of Shooting Team. Apart from fictitious characters whose stories were modeled on the biographies of real legionnaires, many historical figures appear in the film. Among them: Brigadier Jozef Pilsudski, Lieutenant Stanislaw Kaszubski, pseud. 'King' and many others. The film focuses on the Legion's combat trail from 1914-1916, from the departure from Oleandry to the battle of Kosciuchnowka.