The Ice Road

2021 Action/Adventure | Drama | Suspense/Thriller

After a remote diamond mine collapses in far northern Canada, an ice road driver must lead an impossible rescue mission over a frozen ocean to save the trapped miners.

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by Deirdre Molumby
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'The Ice Road' won't leave you cold if you know what to expect

A ‘big-rig’ ice road driver named Mike (Liam Neeson) and his mechanic brother Gurty (Marcus Thomas), who suffers from PTSD and is intellectually challenged, work from job to job across Canada, hoping to someday get a rig of their own. When a remote diamond mine collapses, they join a team of other misfits including Varnay (Benjamin Walker), Goldenrod (Laurence Fishburne), and Tantoon (Amber Midthunder), the latter of whom has a brother trappped in the mine, on an impossible rescue mission. The assignment will see them trek across a treacherous frozen ocean – but betrayal lies not just beneath the ice…

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