The House That Dripped Blood

1971 Suspense/Thriller | Horror

This anthology picture about a bad-luck mansion is a thriller with four episodes--all framed by a police investigation. A review of the files of the local policeman (John Bennett) shows that everyone who has owned the mansion has died in a horrible fashion. In the first episode, Method for Murder, the obsessions of a mystery writer (Denholm Elliott) provide his wife with an opportunity to do him in. In the second, Waxworks, Peter Cushing is the unhappy recipient of the attentions of a jealous husband. The third, Sweets to the Sweet, has Christopher Lee fall victim to his charming little daughter, who plays with voodoo dolls. In The Cloak, Jon Pertwee (best known for his TV portrayal of Dr. Who) is a horror-film star who insists on authenticity in his costumes. Somehow, he is given the cloak of a real vampire, with humorously ghoulish results.~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide