The Guilty

2021 Drama | Suspense/Thriller

As a wildfire rages towards Los Angeles, embittered police officer Joe Bayler winds down a chaotic but tedious shift answering emergency calls — a punitive demotion he received ahead of an imminent disciplinary hearing. His ennui is soon interrupted by a cryptic call from a woman who appears to be attempting to call her child, but is in fact discreetly reporting her own abduction. Working with the meagre clues she is able to provide, Joe throws all his skill and intuition towards ensuring her safety, but as the severity of the crime comes to light, Joe's own psychological state begins to fray and he is forced to reconcile with demons of his own.

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    Tue 28 May

Our Review

by Brian Lloyd
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Not even Jake Gyllenhaal can save 'The Guilty'

Joe Baylor (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a LAPD detective who has been assigned to a 911 emergency call centre while awaiting trial. During a routine call, he encounters a woman (Riley Keough) who has been kidnapped by her ex-husband (Peter Sarsgaard). Unable to leave his station, Baylor becomes more unhinged as he tries his best to save her and navigate his own personality complexes in doing so...

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