The Bet Collector

2006 Drama

An aging bet collector finds her mundane existence suddenly transformed by an unforeseen series of events in director Jeffrey Jeturian's award-winning entry into the 2006 Toronto Film Festival. Amelita is a jueteng kubrador (bet collector) who makes her living off of an illegal numbers game named jueteng that dates back to the Philippine's Spanish colonial period (1521-1898). Though the police do their best to put an end to jueteng, the public continues to play, and Amelita makes her regular rounds on a daily basis. Her children grown and her husband, Eli, the owner of a small variety store, Amelita decides to take a break from her regular routine and visit the grave of her soldier son on All Saints' Day. When Amelita is arrested and jailed during a kubrador sweep by the local police, she must sit in jail until her kabo (handler) arrives to bail her out. Subsequently returning to the streets to earn her keep the only way she knows how, Amelita is approached by a parish priest whose young neighbor has recently been killed in a tragic accident. Upon being asked to collect abuloy (donations) from the victim's neighbors and friends, Amelita suddenly finds her life transformed into a deadly game of chance.~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

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