The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin

2014 Action/Adventure | Drama | Comedy | SciFi/Fantasy

After defeating the terrorists led by Billy Aladdin, the once humble Private Benjamin has become the Philippine's unkabogable soldier and a worldwide sensation. Inevitably, he rises from the ranks and in no time becomes the incredible, unbeatable, and unreachable soldier. To prepare him better, Benjamin is assigned under a new general, Wilson Chua. However, Private Benjamin committed a BIG mistake. Benjamin is about to be dismissed from service when Gen. Chua saves him by giving him a mission - to be the private security of a brat kid B2. As he watches over B2, Benjamin finds himself clashing with Misty, General Chua's daughter, and the meddlesome housemaid Gundina. However, as he gets to know B2 more, he learns that the B2 is a kid deprived of love from family - something that he has ignored in his quest to be on top again. Will he succeed in his new mission?