Tertium Non Datur

2006 Drama | War

This Rumanian film was first released in 1969, and was re-released in 1971 with a dubbed French soundtrack. The director, Lucian Pintilie, one of the best-known Rumanian filmmakers, has worked in European TV, theater and opera, and is known in Los Angeles as a theatrical director. The film concerns, as the title indicates, a reenactment. Two drunken teenagers get into a brutal bar fight and are brought before judicial authorities. Neither boy has had any prior trouble with the law, so the magistrate lets them off, but only on the condition that they film a reenactment of their fateful evening as a warning to other teens. In the course of the fictional filming, the youngsters experience very keenly their real feelings about their lives and the society they live in.~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide

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