Tales from the Zoo

1996 Comedy

In this French drama, set during the last months of the Nazi occupation of Paris, a caring grandfather disguises the truth to protect his granddaughter who worships her absent father. Phillippine is only 8-years old. She lives with her dad and her grandparents. One night her father is executed by Nazi. He apparently does not die heroically. For reasons that are later revealed, Fernand, the grandfather who runs the Paris Zoo, does not tell Phillippine the truth. Instead he constructs and elaborate lie that has her believing her father is alive and has become a Resistance hero. Mid-way through the story, Phillippine finds the truth, but is advised by her grandmother to keep pretending she believes her grandpa's stories. It is at this point, that the reason's for Fernand's deceptions become clear.~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide