T-Bird at Ako

1982 Drama | Suspense/Thriller

Feisty lawyer Sylvia Salazar (Aunor) has made a name for herself but is still dissatisfied and uncertain, including her future with brilliant colleague Jake (Abuel) who persistently asks for her hand in marriage. As she witnesses a performance by a local dancer named Sabel (Santos), Sylvia realizes that she is attracted to women.Sabel, who is a struggling burgis working several jobs suddenly finds herself in the center of a scandal when she is harassed and threatened to be raped by the son of a rich tycoon whom she ends up killing in self-defense. Sylvia sees the news and decides to help Sabel by posting her bail, representing her in court and providing for her now she is unemployed. While preparing for the case, Sylvia learns that Sabel gave birth to a son whom she gave up for adoption 7 years prior, and that the father is a married man who disappeared before learning of her pregnancy. As they continue to live in the same house, the two women begin to warm towards each other...