Sweet Family

2019 Comedy

A bittersweet comedy with a message of body positivity and acceptance, "Dulce Familia" follows five women from different generations all of whom have struggled with dieting, low self-esteem, eating disorders, and an insatiable sweet tooth. Talented baker Tami (a transformed Fernanda Castillo) is in a wonderful relationship with her loving fiancé (played by Vadhir Derbez), but others don't think that's enough. Ignoring her happiness, Tami's family is adamant for her to lose weight before getting married. Feeling insecure and aching to please them, Tami submits herself to torturous regimens in order to fit in her mother's wedding dress. Renowned actress Florinda Mesa (known for playing La Chilindrina and Doña Florinda) is Tami's judgmental mother for whom superficial beauty carries more weight than personality. Regina Blandón and Paz Bascuñán appear as her equally critical sisters.