Straight to the Heart

2008 Drama

Love turns three eccentrics into a makeshift family in this comedy-drama shot in Montreal. Benoit (Pierre Rivard) is a guy in his mid-thirties who comes from a wealthy and respected family, but about the only obvious talents he's developed is a knack for stealing cars. As Benoit spends his days taking cars that don't belong to him, he's usually joined by Jimi (Keven Noel), a teenager who has no father and sees a role model in the older thief. Benoit is just as bad with women as he's good at stealing autos, and his most recent relationship with short-tempered Anne-Marie (Benedicte Decary) has just fallen apart, but while trying to steal a Jeep, he encounters its owner, Sylvie (Julie Deslauriers) and discovers love at first sight. En Plein Coeur (aka Straight To The Heart) was the first feature film from Quebecois filmmaker Stephane Gehami.~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide