Someone Else

2006 Comedy

Commercial filmmaker Col Spector makes the leap to narrative features with this romantic comedy headlined by laid-back Green Wing star Stephen Mangan. Portrait photographer David (Mangan) and his longtime girlfriend Lisa (Susan Lynch) are all set to celebrate their third year together with a whirlwind trip to Venice. Though exuberant Lisa can't wait for the date to arrive, doubtful David seems to have become somewhat hesitant about the impending vacation. When David chats-up a loopy local named Nina (Lara Belmont) one day while taking a stroll in the park, the sparks between the pair are quickly doused when David begins to feel guilty about distancing himself from Lisa. Determined to make things right with his longtime girlfriend and get their relationship back on track, David confesses to his brief fling and gets kicked to the curb for his noble effort. Later, Nina admits that she's already moved on and isn't really interested in David anymore. When a local dating agency sends Lisa's headshot to David's slacker friend Matt (Christopher Coghill), the lovelorn lothario assumes that she isn't as happy being single as she claims and sets out to win his embittered ex back by any means necessary.~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide