Small Change

1976 Drama | Comedy

L'Argent de Poche (Small Change) is an episodic comedy drama composed of several sequences that explore childhood in director François Truffaut's signature humanistic style. Filmed in Thiers in South Central France, each vignette is seen from the point of view of a kid from two weeks to 14 years old. There is no real plot, just little scenes flowing together dealing with personal joys and pains of the children in a small town. While most of the issues are simple and lighthearted, some of the kids have a harder time growing up. A few choice moments involve a double date at the movies, brothers who give a friend a haircut, and a toddler who falls from a window. Patrick (Georges Desmouceaux) discovers girls and helps care for his father, Sylvie (Sylvie Grizel) rebels against her parents, and Julien (Philippe Goldmann) comes from a painful home life. While mostly focusing on developing the personal perspectives of children, adults get some screen time to share their wisdom. The conclusion consists of a monologue from the schoolteacher, played by Jean-François Stévenin.~ Andrea LeVasseur, All Movie Guide