Salty Air

2006 Drama

An embittered penitentiary social worker receives an unwelcome blast from the past when his the case file of his father, a convicted murderer who has been emotionally broken by prison life, lands on his desk in director Alessandro Angelini's tense family drama. As a child, Fabio (Giorgio Pasotti) was abandoned by his father when the man was found guilty of murder and locked away on an extended sentence. Now a passionate social worker whose job it is to monitor prisoners and recommend them for day leaves of probation when he sees fit, Fabio nevertheless remains extremely hardened by his fatherless youth. Soon after Fabio callously rejects an offer for a better paying job by the well-off father of his girlfriend Emily (Katy Saunders), he notices a familiar face in his latest batch of assignments. Despite the fact that it has been two decades since Fabio has seen his father Sparti (Giorgio Colangeli), he instantly recognizes the photograph in the file as his long-lost dad and soon commences to torment the man - who remains clueless that Fabio is, in fact, his son - with a vicious torrent of verbal and psychological abuse. Later, when the pair ventures into the suburbs on a day leave, the details of the long ago murder gradually begins to bubble to the surface as Fabio takes his father to visit their family, who still harbor deep-seeded feelings of resentment and anger towards the now-remorseful convict.~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide