Rock Opera

1999 Comedy

Slacker (1991) meets Reservoir Dogs (1992) in this indie ensemble flick set in Austin, Texas. Toe (Jerry Don Clark), a perpetually broke, goateed slacker in a rock band called Pigpoke looks to make some quick dough by selling weed but instead ends up in debt to Jarvis (Paul Wright), a ruthless drug supplier. Later, Toe voluntarily shoots up animal tranquilizer and ends up coming to on a rural road without the money he was planning to pay back to Jarvis. Furious, Jarvis sends Toe to Del Rio to make a pick up, but the meeting ends in disaster. As Toe returns to Austin with his tail between his legs, his buddy arrives back in town after an aborted tour with his band only to find his house surrounded by a band of angry drug pushers.~ Jonathan Crow, All Movie Guide