Red Love

2007 Drama | Romance

On the road, Rama (Yama Carlos) calls his girlfriend, Raisa (Marsha Timothy). He lets her know that he will arrive soon and asks her to prepare some food for him. Raisa fell asleep waiting for him. Then comes a phone call telling her that Rama got an accident. The story of Raisa’s suffer begins. She thinks Rama is everything. Rama is also the one changing her and her point of view. Her friend, Fanny (Inong), a prostitute, cannot help. Then Rama’s best friend, Aria (Gary Iskak) shows up suddenly in Raisa’s house located near railway. Aria’s condition doesn’t have much difference with Raisa. Only Raisa wants to commit suicide, mean while Aria is in between the decision to try to love her and the memory of his best friend. At the end of the film, it is revealed that Aria is Rama’s gay couple. But then Aria and also Raisa try to move on with their life.

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