2017 Comedy

Jeanne and Victor are two young Parisians returning home from a vacation. On their way, they stop off to see their friend Jean-Paul in the plain where his Community as chosen to settle. The group is fighting against the construction of an aquatic park in the region's last remaining wet zone and, more generally, against modern society, the great Babylon. Charmed by a community that advocates "living differently," where individualism, technologie, et gender distinctions are abolished, Jeanne and Victor accept the invitation to stay a few days. When, one fine morning the Community wakes up to find the riot police barrier obstructing their path has disappeared, its members believe that they have won the battle with the modern world. But their pleasure is short-lived. Apart from their camp, the earthly population has been decimated by a terrible pandemic, which makes the group the last survivors in the world. Must they find new enemies in order to survive?