Palmer's Pick Up

1999 Comedy

Is it a routine delivery job, or the first stage of the apocalypse? No one is quite sure in Palmer's Pick-Up, a bizarre road comedy from writer/director Christopher Coppola. Bruce Palmer (Robert Carradine) and his pal Pearl (Richard Hillman) run their own small trucking service and are doing none too well, so when they get offered a large paycheck for hauling an huge crate, contents unknown, from California to Florida in time for the millennial New Year's Eve, they leap at the chance. However, the farther they go, the more people are trying to stop them, and they start picking up just enough details from the increasingly bizarre interlopers they encounter en route to wonder if perhaps they're transporting the Devil himself across state lines (after all, Florida is near the Bermuda Triangle ...). Palmer's Pick-Up features a remarkable supporting cast which includes Talia Shire, Morton Downey Jr., Soupy Sales, Alice Ghostley, Rosanna Arquette, Clu Gulager and his sons John and Tom, and Grace Jones in the role of a lifetime as one half of a pair of Siamese twins.~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide