Osey Ramulamma

1997 Action/Adventure | Suspense/Thriller

Ramulamma,an innocent young girl, works as a maid in a Dora’s residence as a slave. She gets raped and impregnated by the Dora. and he orders his men to throw the baby and kill Ramulamma. The baby was found by naxals and was raised by them. Injured Ramulamma was taken care by a Dalit couple who treat her as their own sister. When Ramulamma kills Dora's son who tries to forcefully sleep with her, Dora wants to kill Ramulamma but she was rescued by Naxal leader Komaranna. He teaches her to rebel against the people who tormented her, tells her nothing is lost in a combat and gives her heaps of courage. When Komaranna dies in a battle with the government which despises any resistance, or questions their wrongdoings, Ramulammma dedicates her life in searching for those people who made her life an irreparable suffering.