On Probation

2005 Action/Adventure | Drama | Suspense/Thriller | Comedy

Two mismatched misfits become an unstoppable crime-fighting team in this action comedy from Argentina. Mariano (Diego Peretti) is a perpetually jumpy psychoanalyst who one day causes an auto accident. Mariano is found at fault in the crash, and the judge orders him to join policeman Alfredo Diaz (Luis Luque) on patrol as community service. Alfredo is pudgy, depressed and not very happy in his work, and as they cruise the beat in his patrol car, Mariano uses his professional expertise to help Alfredo to get in touch with his feelings. Alfredo's attitude towards life improves, and he he's deeply grateful to his new friend, going so far as helping Mariano get to the bottom of his suspicions that his wife is cheating on him. Alfredo's superiors are so impressed with his improved performance in tandem with Mariano that they're given a special assignment -- tracking down Lebonian (Oscar Ferreiro), a killer preying on the city's low life. During the course of their investigation, Alfredo is wrongly accused to professional wrongdoing, and it fall to Mariano to clear his name.~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

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