No acepto!!! 1980-1990: diez años de hardcore, punk, ira y caos

2007 Documentary

Documentary in Spanish language about the Spanish Hardcore / Punk scene during the 80's. No Acepto!!! is a 4 hours and 30 minutes documentary in Spanish that covers what were the main focus of the scene at that time: Barcelona, Madrid, Euskadi and Zaragoza together with an introduction and a conclusions chapter. Featuring interviews in Spanish, old and new live footage, pictures, posters, flyers, tickets of classic bands such as R.I.P., G.R.B., Bap!!, Subterranean Kids, Kortatu, M.C.D., L'odi Social, Ultimo Resorte, IV Reich, La Polla Records, Vulpess, Ruido de Rabia, H.H.H., MG15, Anti-Dogmatikss, Vómito, Anti-Régimen, Parásitos, Monstruación, Decibelios, T.D.K., La Broma de Ssatán, P.V.P., Eskoria-tza, Karkaxa, Tortura Sistemática, Bukaera, Andanada 7, Delincuencia Sonora and loads more.