Når mørket er forbi

2000 Drama

Norwegian filmmaker Knut Erik Jensen directs this elliptical melodrama about sex, greed, and remembrance. Oslo lawyer Josef Omgang (Stig Henrik Hoff) returns to Norway's extreme north for the first time since his mother disappeared when he was a child. His stern father Vilhelm, who runs a fishing company, as fallen into a spot of financial trouble -- he owes money both to his ex-Nazi sleazy business partner Krebs (Dietrich Hollinderbaumer) and to a Russian godfather. Called on to help out his father, Josef seethes as he is forced to reopen the scars of his past. He soon finds himself keeping company with comely young Doris (Gorild Mauseth), a factory hand who seems to know everything about his family, and with his mentally unstable half-brother Edvin (Nicholas Hope), the son of the family housekeeper. Eventually, Josef stumbles upon the truth about his mother's disappearance.~ Jonathan Crow, All Movie Guide