2019 Drama | War

Saima is the mother of a cancer-stricken girl named Aisa and the wife of Malang, a combat medic deployed in a civil conflict near the island of Mindanao Living with Aisa in a temporary home for children with cancer called the House of Hope, Saima supports and waits for her daughter and husband, who face challenges of life and death every day. While Aisa battles her illness, Malang grapples with life-and-death situations in battle. And watching them fight, Saima struggles hard to hang onto her hope. In between the stories of Saima, Asia, and Malang, the legend of brave warrior brothers fighting a dragon that Saima and Malang tell Aisa unfolds in an animation sequence drawn with crayons.Mindanao is a beautiful drama that brings together big and small stories about the history and wounds of the civil conflict in the Philippines, the solidarity and support among mothers with children suffering from cancer, the yearning of the wounded people who wish to find hope in despair, and the legend of brave, dragon-fighting warriors. This heartwarming story by director Brillante MENDOZA will be making a world premiere in Busan.

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