Mann im Spagat

2017 Comedy | SciFi/Fantasy

Cowboy has a vision. He wants to save the planet with his movement of Free Swingers. That's why he applies for a grant at The Central Agency, who then sends a representative named Fey of Sweden to approve Cowboy's proposal. She demands results and he de­cides to stage a charity bicycle rally featuring a roster of two-wheeled Berlin misfits. Meanwhile Cowboy's neighbor kills his mother's budgie and sets the Devil of Hermannplatz on him to sabotage his plans. Pretty bad timing considering that he also has to rescue his stubborn mother from a shady retirement home. Torn between Cowboy's budding crush on Fey of Sweden, his hot neighbor Angel and his innate drive towards chaos, the rally soon turns into a race against time. Soon his mother will be taken away from him and the rally racers are doing anything other than what they should: cycling.