1987 Drama | Romance

Rajesh (Nagarjuna) is a racy youngster who falls in love with Alekhya (Rajani). Things go well when Rajesh and Alekhya plan to get married and it is when a root of suspicion lands in Rajesh’s mind through a friend. The suspicion is something about the character of Alekhya and when Rajesh enquires about it, the latter gets furious. She questions Rajesh asking how can he suspect her by believing a friend’s word and also comes to a conclusion that his love is not worth of accepting. The impulsive natured Rajesh also finds her questioning arrogant and the couple breaks up. But the real trouble starts for Rajesh after Alekhya leaves him and he starts feeling sorry for his impulsive nature. Alekhya marries another guy (Sudhakar) shown by her parents and Rajesh is distraught. The rest of the story is about what would happen to Rajesh and whether Alekhya forgives him or not.