Little Miracles

1997 Drama

Eliseo Subiela, who made the Philip K. Dick-influenced Man Facing Southeast (1986), takes a lighter approach in this Argentine comedy-drama with fantasy elements. Customers at a Buenos Aires supermarket are unable to answer theological questions asked by cashier Rosalia (Julieta Ortega). Rosalia and her bitter mother were abandoned years earlier by Rosalia's father. Rosalia volunteers to help two blind people; one is the wealthy Don Francisco (Paco M.), and the other is a middle-aged woman (Monica Galan) studying for a law exam. Rosalia, who uses her telekinetic abilities to help these two and others who are needy, sees herself as a fairy godmother, and she gets a total makeover from a trio of young women she assumes are other fairies. Eventually, Rosalia finds her own Prince Charming -- physicist Santiago (Antonio Birbent) who has been tracking her movements at the bus stop with a video camera transmission to his computer. Black-and-white dream sequences show Rosalia rescued by a winged fairy. Shown at 1998 film fests (San Francisco, Miami).~ Bhob Stewart, All Movie Guide

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