Lise and Andre

2000 Drama | Comedy

Lise is a Parisian prostitute who has a young son, Sebastien. Lise dotes on her boy, who has a gift for music and sings in a children's choir directed by aging parish priest Father Andre. Sebastien becomes involved in an auto accident that sends him into a coma; after he remains unconscious for three months, Lise begins to panic, desperate for a remedy that medical science can't provide. When she is told of a field in a village in rural France where a miracle is said to have occurred some years before -- an apparition of the Virgin Mary arrived to provide food for a group of starving children -- Lise wants to travel to the site of the miracle to pray for her son. She also insists that Father Andre come along, but the priest is not eager to go, due to his age, his health, and his increasing cynicism about religion. Lise is persistent, however, and before long the two are on the road in search of a much-needed miracle.