Like a Rolling Stone

1994 Drama

Acclaimed director Tatsumi Kumashiro, who made a career out of elevating the high-budget, soft-core-porn genre Nikku Roman Porno into the realm of art, ended his career with this grisly sex-charged yakuza drama. After eight years in prison, middle-aged gangster Tanaka (Eiji Okuda) is out and looking for a little payback. Unfortunately, the mob boss and his smooth-talking underling Kurauchi (Hakuryu) are much more interested in making fast yen than drawing blood. An old battle-grizzled warrior, Tanaka feels utterly out of place in this new profit-minded ethos and instead sticks with what he does best -- horrible bloodcurdling violence. He can kill barehanded without breaking a sweat and, if the situation requires it, he can suture up his own wounds. When the boss, who both respects and fears his charge, quietly tries to push him aside in favor of Kurauchi for succession as gang leader, Tanaka decides to wage war against his rival. At the same time, Tanaka has a spy for the enemy gang brutally murdered, turns an innocent young lass into a junkie whore, and engages in kinky sex with his housewife mistress.~ Jonathan Crow, All Movie Guide

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