Le bleu des villes

1999 Drama | Comedy

A female police officer working on the lower rungs of law enforcement finds herself in the midst of a premature midlife crisis in the bittersweet comedy Le Bleu Des Villes. Solange (Florence Vignon) has just turned 30, and isn't exactly overjoyed with her life. She works as a meter maid and spends her days fending off complaints from motorists who don't believe they deserved to be ticketed. She's been married for five years to Patrick (Antoine Chappey), who works in the morgue at a local hospital. Solange loves to sing, but only performs with a karaoke setup at home, as she doesn't have the nerve to sing in front of an audience. Solange's dissatisfactions become even stronger when an old friend from school days comes into town, Mylene (Mathilde Seigner). Mylene has gone on to a successful career delivering weather reports on TV and has now published a book; Solange is happy for her friend's success, but by comparison her own life seems even more dull. Le Bleu Des Villes was shown as part of the Directors Fortnight series at the 1999 Cannes Film Festival.~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide