Lasted, lasted, charm …

1984 Drama

Anton Nikolaevich Skvortsov (O.Yefremov) is a strong and resolute person, for all his life he has been heading a big labor collective, and now he is retired, he interred his wife half a year ago, beared infarction, and now is living in his big flat with a daughter, her husband and a grown-up granddaughter. His attending doctor recommended his daughter to send him to the veterans house, in order that he could live with coevals, surrounded by congenial people and not feel so lonely. Not being able to stand all this, Anton Nikolaevich runs away from his house and goes on a sightseeing tour about Moscow. On the excursion bus he gets acquainted with Anna Konstantinovna (I.Savvina), whos retired on pension. This meeting turnes his life upside-down.

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