King of Crime

2018 Action/Adventure | Drama | Suspense/Thriller

When the biggest player in British cybercrime faces destruction by some deadly serious Islamic extremists, he knows it's time to settle old scores and play the biggest scam of his life before bailing out fast. Marcus King is an old school gangster a crime lord, who's left behind the old school crime. He's manoeuvred his business into the leafy lanes of the suburbs and now, in place of pimps and dealers, his team consists of the best graduate geeks that money can bribe. No brothels, no casinos and no drugs he's dragged serious, organised crime well and truly into the 21st Century. From credit card cloning and skimming to Internet spamming and scamming, he is the King of Cyber Land. He has more cash, more foot soldiers and more connections than ever, but now his world is under threat targeted by the money-making side of terrorism. They want everything. His entire operation. Either Marcus gives it to them, or they will take it plain and simple. He understands the need for power, for money and for respect and he knows how to fight and win against anyone who comes at him. But how does he defeat fanaticism? This time he's beat and he knows it.