Just the Ticket

1999 Romance | Comedy

Gary Starke is a ticket scalper extraordinaire who presides over a motley crew of street merchants. Over the years, Gary has stayed afloat through a combination of talent, street smarts and an honor-among-thieves philosophy. But after his true love, Linda dumps him, and a ruthless rival, Casino, sets his sights on becoming the city's new ticket "master," Gary finds his world falling apart around him.Tired of Gary's broken promises and irresponsibility, and needing to know what her future holds, Linda has accepted a scholarship to the Cordon Bleu in Paris. Her eagerness to pursue her dream of becoming a world class chef is tempered by the bittersweet realization that Gary, a man she has believed in for eight long years, is still trying to win her back. But for Gary, the future is always just another scheme away.