Judas Priest : Battle Cry

2016 Musical

Judas Priest's tour in support of their 17th studio album overall, 'Redeemer Of Souls', was one of the most extensive of the group's entire career - consisting of 130 shows in 33 countries, and offering a setlist that touched upon selections from nearly all of their classic albums. Recorded live on August 1st, 2015 at Germany's infamous Wacken Festival in front of an audience of 85,000 screaming metal maniacs, this concert film unleashes one of the greatest live bands in the heavy metal genre. And as evidenced by 'Battle Cry', Judas Priest rock harder and more ferociously than ever. 1. (Intro) Battle Cry 2. Dragonaut 3. Metal Gods 4. Devil's Child 5. Victim Of Changes 6. Halls Of Valhalla 7. Turbo Lover 8. Redeemer Of Souls 9. Beyond The Realms Of Death 10. Jawbreaker 11. Breaking The Law 12. Hell Bent For Leather 13. The Hellion 14. Electric Eye 15. You've Got Another Thing Coming 16. Painkiller 17. Living After Midnight