It Comes

2018 Drama | Suspense/Thriller | Horror

Tahara consults occult writer Nozaki about recent supernatural events happening around him. He is afraid that the events might harm his wife and daughter. Nozaki starts investigating with a spiritual medium Makoto, who is also a hostess at a club. According to ethnologist Tsuda, "the thing" is a monster from Tahara's hometown, powerful beyond their imagination. While Nozaki and Makoto search for a solution, Tahara traces his memory back to his childhood days, where he recalls a deep forest called "The Mountain". One lost a red shoe, one girl whose name has been forgotten, and a whispering voice of "the thing". Never mention the name of which mimics voices and forms, "Bogiwan". Or else brace yourself as "It comes" to your mind! The escalating spiritual attacks continue to cause causalities, and Makoto's elder sister, Kotoko, is called upon to the Tahara family to conduct an exorcism. Will they be able to stop "the thing"?