In Case They Don't Arrive

2016 Drama

Cielo (Alessandra de Rossi), a 27-year-old workaholic is laid-off from work with a big severance check. She is then forced to move into a smaller place, an apartment that she bought with her ex-fiance. With nothing to do but to nurse a broken heart, she feels like her life is beginning to take a turn for the worse. One day, an anonymous postcard arrives. These postcards arrive from different places, and attached to them are different artworks, made and written by the same hand. She grows fond of these letters and feels a sense of intimacy with the author. With the help of the anonymous postcards and her new neighbor Paul (Pepe Herrera), she finally decides to go on a trip using the postcards as a guide, rediscovering not only her country but also herself. Lessons are learned and friendships are made as the story of Cielo and the anonymous writer unfolds.

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