2015 Drama

Imbisibol essays the lives of four Filipino migrants in Japan – Linda, Benjie, Manuel and Rodel – who are toiling in a foreign land to give their families in the Philippines a better quality of life. The story revolves around the joys and struggles of Linda, a Filipina married to a Japanese salaryman who is torn between helping undocumented Filipinos stay in Japan by renting out rooms to them and succumbing to the demands of her husband to evict the Filipinos and save their marriage; Benjie, an undocumented worker who has been jumping from one odd job to another in the last 17 years and desires to go home already and be with his children; Manuel, an aging male entertainer who is struggling with his insecurities and his addiction to gambling; and Rodel, an idealistic newcomer who encounters a rising tension and rivalry with another Filipino at work.

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