Ice Cream Man

1995 Suspense/Thriller | Comedy | Horror

When you hear the happy jingle of the ice cream truck driving down your neighborhood street, lock your doors and pray to the Dairy Queen that the Ice Cream Man doesn't stop to bring you a cone -- because a soft-serve headache is nothing compared to the pain that this dairy demon will make you feel! As a child, Gregory Trudor (Clint Howard) suffered severe mental trauma when he witnessed the brutal murder of his best friend The Ice Cream King. As an adult, all Gregory wanted was to take the place of the man he looked up to most, but the terror that haunts him drives a murderous bloodlust that can only be satiated by committing horrific acts of cold-blooded murder. The kids always used to come running when the familiar jingle of the Ice Cream Man's truck filled the neighborhood streets -- now they'll be running for their lives.~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide